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Ningbo Meiyate Precision Transfers Component Co.,ltd. is located in Ningbo-a city fully possessed of ancient and modern, historic culture, played as an important trading port through the world--ancient civilization has helped Ningbo to accumulate rich historical heritage, transportation network, combining ancient modern civilization, bringing full of infinite vigor and vitality. Ningbo Meiyate is a private enterprise, with good enterprise management system in strict accordance with ISO-9000 operation, so that product quality has improved steadily, adhering to the precision manufacturing, refined management, integrity, service, and improving the comprehensive promotion of modern management system!
  MYT leading products are linear motion bearings, linear motion ball bearing slide unit, support rail unit, shaft support, shaft and other products. Linear motion products is an indispensable part of modern industry. It is widely used in electronic equipment, automatic cutting equipment, medical equipment, printing machinery, textile machinery, precision machine tools, office equipment, food packaging equipment...
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